In Capital Markets, DeFi Is About Tokenized Assets and Securities, But It Does Not Seem To Be Working

“REITs trade at 10% discount to the value of real estate. So, if fractionalization is all that I will achieve through ‘DeFi real estate investment’, I will lose $100M on a billion-dollar building”, quipped a real estate expert among some blockchain believers. “But currently, even as rents are collected on…

Transforming Healthcare in UP in India, a State with a Population of 240M

A few years back, we, at State Street HCL (a State Street Corp and HCL Tech JV), were collaborating with Prof. Regina Barzilay at MIT on a project. Her story of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is personal. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014. This was after her scans in…

Siddhartha Siddhartha

Founder of and , background in financial services operations, working on building financial systems combining blockchain and AI

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